Saturday, February 16, 2008


I wanted to be a ninja, but not just a ninja-ninja, but a CEBUANO NINJA. How about that? I've always thought american ninja could have used some more realism. Not that I find being american and at the same time practicing ninjitsu was a bit weird, but criss-crossing hands before turning into a ninja had a basis. It would be better if they/he indeed changed clothes and should the well-built body. But then again, how would that turn-on the viewers. Sex and violence in movies yes, but not male exhibitionism.

And what about color combination. Yup, a yellowed-oranged dressed ninja looked vibrant on the screens, but who would dress that way. I'd prefer the traditional black colored ninja. Ninjas couldn't be all perfect movers and there could be days that they would just be plain clumsy. Stealth coupled with ninjitsu would help all that.

So where in CEBU CITY would be a great ninja hide-out? I don't know, maybe some high-tech but solace place in the South Reclamation Road? Is there anyone selling ninja stuffs in CEBU CITY anyways?

That is probably why I hold the pen name of GOLDEN DAGGER - a CEBUANO Ninja! How about that!

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