Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I have mentioned my wish of being a ninja and that have been a wish when I was just young. Needless to say though, I have matured and have learned that being simply a ninja doesn't give you much, but a wealthy ninja will make the difference. Of course, a CEBUANO ninja would really sound cool. Especially the luxury of spending arms and ammunitions and further, not caring about the cost implications of it is very, very cool!

If remembered correctly, Batman studied ninjitsu somewhere in a distant TIBETAN mountain. It was there that he learned about the art and craft of what would eventually be the tool of Batman. So I was thinking that a CEBUANO Batman would not have the aura of coolness on to it, especially if BISAYAs would call it "kwaknit". Thus I am settling for the ninja format, cold yet oozing with elegance and fine mannered even in battle. And I was mentioning about the financial needs of running a ninja vocation. Of course, it would have to resemble that of Batman's but it wouldn't be called a Bat Cave rather a secret Dojo. A Dojo yet something that is far from being simple rather, one that would have all the high-tech gadgetry as what have been used by Batman. And hopping from tree to tree wouldn't be quite safe especially with all those cable wires all over CEBU CITY so I would have to a top-of-the-line mode of transportation be it either land, sea or air.

So there, those are just the initial costs of running a CEBUANO ninja crusade in this Queen City of the South. The cost would not be for the faint of heart but with the well-built muscle as the likes of Bruce Wayne. And all these costs doesn't necessarily have be sourced personally, there just might be someone willing to spend his pesos for a CEBUANO ninja crusade in this beautiful CEBU CITY.

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